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Picture of Joanne Bartolome in downtown Edmonton, Alberta.

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Empathie Creative

A marketing company that helps business owners and founders achieve their business goals with a thoughtful brand and marketing strategy.


Empathie offers a client experience that I have yet to find in the marketplace, so much so that I now refer entrepreneurs from my consulting firm to Joanne without hesitation.

Scott T - Owner, Inks n Stuff

The difference in my production has increased tremendously with Empathie in my corner. Their attention to detail and always thinking ahead keeps the guess work out of my day to day dealings within the real estate industry. Empathie has a pulse on the beat of the city and its truly astonishing watching the quality of service they deliver.


These ladies are awesome and so great to work with! They helped me get more clarity on my brand and gave such awesome applicable and tangible advice for my social media platforms and how I can improve my social media presence. Their advice was very practical & specific, and I thoroughly enjoyed our virtual meetings! Thank you, ladies, for all your help!

Jackie L. , Owner of Fit Like a Girl

We were blown away by the brand strategy that Empathie provided us. They took the time to get to know us and our business before providing us with amazing advice and strategies. Thanks again Joanne and Myrhalyn!

Jessica M., Owner of Local Beauty

Who is Empathie

With years of experience, Empathie is a strategic marketing company focused on providing a clear and thoughtful plan for your online presence.

The company was founded on simplicity. We understand that marketing tactics can be overwhelming. From social media, blogging, content creation, videos, photos and so much more, it can be hard to know where to start. That is why we constantly thrive to educate our clients with the latest marketing trends to stand out online.

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What We Do

Creating intentional marketing strategies that create a clear plan to execute your social media marketing vision.

More than just a vlog

Sharing tactical marketing advice, without the fluff. Our goal at Empathie is to provide you with tangible and tactical advice that you can use in your business today.