Who we are

Building community one connection at a time. We empathize with founders and business owners to provide them with the marketing resources they need to set them up for success. We stay humble to our roots to guide our decisions and provide brand strategies that are effective and proven to work. Creating positive impact is at the core of who we are. It's about the integrity to do what's right and encourage other brands to do so as well. It's about the transparency of brands to tell their unique story and empathize with their customer or clientele. We are more than a strategic marketing community. We are Empathie.

Empathie Creative Studio Inc. works with you to understand your
business and create a custom
strategy to elevate your business both
online and offline. From there, we
work to build your brand design and
execute your ideas on social media to
create an organic following to elevate
your visibility. It’s all about telling
your story – in a unique and
innovative way.


Meet the creative, passionate & adventurous people behind Empathie. We have an ambition for learning, creating, and pursuing our professional and personal goals. Each of us brings multiple years of marketing experience through our diverse backgrounds to provide our clients with a unique approach to social media marketing.

Integrity & Authenticity: We believe living up to our word matters and showing up as our true selves.

Leadership & Responsibility: We believe in creating a positive impact through all of our interactions, holding ourselves and others to being socially responsible, and are committed to leading by example and learning as we go.

Respect & Understanding: We believe in supporting others with kindness, empathy and patience and are committed to collaboration with others and valuing one another above all else.

Communication & Clarity: We believe in building trust with others through timely, truthful and transparent communications and we are committed to always being approachable and open minded.

Joanne bartolome

Myrhalyn Dela Rosa
Operations Manager

Glenda Decasa
Marketing Manager

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