The Hottest Social Media Platform

Many of users are starting to download TikTok on their phones, but does the latest social media app confuse you?It's always interesting seeing where the attention is going when it comes to organic reach. According to Oberlo, there are over 500 million users on the platform, creating a new subculture online. It is also the most downloaded app on the Apple App Store and it's popularity doesn't stop there. Average time on TikTok is 52 minutes per day on the app, which equals upwards of 7 hours per week for the average online user.However, the real question for marketers is: should businesses be on TikTok? With 41% of the users in between the ages of 16 - 24 years old, it can be a difficult decision for businesses that aren't looking to attract the Gen Z's of the world.


  1. Organic reach:?In comparison to other platforms, TikTok has an amazing ability to reach people organically even after several hours of your content being posted. It can be great to raise awareness of product and services in a fun and entertaining way. Each video is between 15 - 60 seconds allowing users to get to the point quickly about the message they wish to convey.
  2. Shareability:?Unlike other social media platforms out there that penalize you from sharing in-between apps (e.g. Instagram to LinkedIn, or Facebook to Twitter), TikTok encourages people to share the videos they product on other platforms. The only disadvantage is that these videos will always have the TikTok logo on them that cannot be removed when you share them.
  3. Ease of use:?TikTok has sophisticated editing tools that allows you to edit videos on your phones with music, transitions, text, and animations.
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  1. Time consuming:?While it can be an entertaining app, content creators are forced to become more creative with the content they consume. As well, many popular influencers on TikTok have recommended posting upwards of 5 - 15 times daily, which can be a difficult thing to do for most busy business owners.
  2. Demographics:?The TikTok platform is aimed to provide you with content that you find entertaining and are most likely to interact with. However, it can be difficult to ensure the people following you are within your city or even with your age group. TikTok monitors your behavior on the platform and if you interact with content in the United States, it can continue to show you content that is outside your geographic target area.

Overall, depending on the business, the advantages can outweigh the disadvantages of using TikTok. It is a platform that you can use to grow other platforms such as YouTube or Instagram. However, it does require higher consistency and frequency of posting to maintain your presence online. If you have any questions about this app, and wonder if it should be part of your content strategy for 2020, feel free to e-mail? more information.