Interview with Janice from Woodford ClothingThis month, I met with Janice Wong to learn more about her company and how she started Woodford Clothing. The business goes above and beyond, providing at-your-home mobile service that makes the company stand out from its competition.Men's fashion is often overlooked when it comes to clothing. Some might believe that a simple look and good-enough fit is acceptable, but Janice thinks Woodford Clothing can take fashion much further than that. She is driven to create bold and daring suits. It's not just about looking good, it's about feeling good too. For her, she believes clothes work just as hard as you do, so it's vital to have an outfit that can stand up to the wear and tear of everyday life and still capture the attention of everyone you meet. Here are a few fashion tips from Janice Wong that can help tailor your suit to fit your lifestyle.1. Know What Fits BestAccording to Janice, the fit of your suit can change your posture, giving you an air of authority. It's all about making you feel empowered and confident in yourself because that confidence will make you the most approachable man in the room. When you walk into a conference room wearing a Woodford suit, heads will turn. A proper fitting suit makes all the difference. Unfortunately, Janice has seen a lot of men purchasing the wrong size when they choose one off the rack. A good tip for recognizing you have the wrong size is by the amount of tailoring that will need to be done. If you're wearing a properly fitting suit, the only work required should be the hemming of the sleeves and pant bottoms.Your body build can also determine how much work is needed. People come in all sorts of sizes, from barrel-chested to petite, so the average suit jacket and bottom will need to be adjusted accordingly. Tailoring your outfit also cuts back on the chances of a split seam when you're lifting your arm to shake hands or stepping out of a car. I would recommend an American designer suit for the above-average build because the fit is more generous and less tailored. Average and petite-sized people should look for suits by European designers, where the fit is more structured.2. Maintain Your Good LooksJanice mentions to always cut the tag off your suit after purchasing it. As much as she loves to promote the Woodford name, a quality suit will speak for itself. Leaving the label on is possibly one of the biggest mistakes you can make. It will make you look like an amateur, a show-off, or someone who intends to return their suit to the store once they finish wearing it.Another tip is to get a butler stand and air out your outfit at the end of each day. This will give the fabric time to dry out and reform back into its natural shape. Brush down your jacket and pants with a soft bristle brush to remove any lint or dust that had fallen on it during the day. Having a few suits so that you can rotate through them over the week also helps keep them looking new. Following this routine will cut down on trips to the dry cleaners and prolong the life of your suit.3. Dress to ImpressNumber one for Janice is to know the dress code for every occasion. A tailored sports coat and slim dark denim fit in well at a casual networking event, while a suit and tie will help give an impression of respect and confidence during a high-profile meeting or interview. It's essential to research the dress attire before attending an event, making a great first impression in the business world is important no matter the occasion.A well-fitted dark ensemble is a must for everyone's wardrobe. Look for suits with clean lines and fit well, while staying away from bright colours or patterns that create distractions. Your footwear and personal grooming also need to be well kept ensuring the look is complete. Polish up those shoes and have a dedicated barber you visit regularly. The extra steps you take to impress will go a long way in showing preparation and dedication. What you put into your suit will be a reflection on what you put out in the world.The main focus for Janice is to reveal the confident person her client is. That's why she offers a range of mending and maintenance services to help make your Woodford suit last as long as possible. Feel free to contact her at (780) 886 - 2989 if you would like more information on tailoring or alterations or follow her @woodfordclothing on Facebook or Instagram.