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Klarissa On May 1, 2019, I will be attending Klarissa's transformative workshop on Values and Alignment. After seeing her speak at multiple events, I wanted to dive deeper to hear her story, her values, and why she is offering this workshop. I've known Klarissa now for over 5 years and it's always great sitting down to learn how she chooses to live her life.In the world today, Klarissa mentions we are often inundated with information, stimulation, and quick fixes to get the best life possible. Klarissa aims to provide clarity by powerfully articulating what inspires, moves, and motivates each individual.

Question and Answers

Where did you initially get the idea for your values and alignment workshop?

At the beginning of my Master's program, we did an exercise on values and vision. This exercise was really supportive, as it allowed me to stay the course of the program and prioritize actions and choices in a meaningful way.What was missing from that exercise was the feeling of "this hits me to my core". I knew there had to be a way to do it, so I researched and read even more. Based on what I learned and my intuition, I developed what would support the uncovering of deeply resonant core values.

Why is it so important for individuals and businesses to understand their values?

Values pave the way to fulfilling your vision and purpose in a powerful way. Values support results.Understanding your values helps you decide when to start or end a partnership, when to take on new challenges, or when to pursue an opportunity. It helps to create an aligned group of people who will amplify each other and encourage the impact each person was meant to create.You take a different approach to marketing and leadership.

What makes you different?

The choices I make, the campaigns I create, and the workshops I facilitate are all in alignment with my values. That clarity allows me to show up authentically and be comfortable with who I am. This is what I call a transformational approach. When your approach is rooted in values, you can touch, move, and inspire people.

You are a cause in the matter, you empower action, and you grow with velocity.What are your core values and how do you align with them every day? Connection.I fully recognize that connection can happen in a brief moment. I live into this by intentionally greeting others, and making sure I truly see them.Also, I deeply listen. I listen for what inspires people, what their pain points are, and what their goals are. Then, I connect them with others that may relate or support them.I also connect with myself by acknowledging my physical, emotional, and spiritual state. If something needs to be addressed or cleared, I do that with speed and let it go. Contribution.I am making a difference. This can be as simple as letting someone ahead of me on my commute or taking actions that are impactful to an individual.For me, I love "zooming out" and seeing the system or issue as a whole. This allows me to be strategic and concentrate effort and time into areas that will yield results.Fun.Having fun makes a MASSIVE difference in my creativity, connection, productivity, and ability to connect people and ideas. I do this by sharing something hilarious, being playful or silly, and greeting people with enthusiasm (the reactions can be priceless). It elevates my mood and the moods of others around me. This impact, event at a cortisol level, is tremendous and so often it is underrated.

What are the top 3 tips you would give someone when starting out their business?

a) Take the time to articulate your values: It will help you choose your vendors, market your product, connect you with your customers, and create a community of support for you. It will also help you make decisions with velocity -- minimizing the times you are pulled in multiple directions.

b) Find values allies: (aka like-minded/like-valued people): They will help to restore you. Grow this community of like-valued people. When they cheer you on - document it/screenshot it/save it -- so when you are having a meltdown at 2:00 AM doubting every choice you've ever made, you have something to look back on and remind you.

c) Revisiting your thoughts on failure: Failure only means the outcome you have isn't the one you had planned. Be gentle with yourself. Grace, grace, grace, and grace.


Klarissa mentioned multiple times that once you know your values, you will have an enhanced ability to connect with people that are like-minded to you, your organization, and your brand. I look forward to attending her workshop and hope to see some of you there. If you have any questions, feel free to contact her at